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Free PDF Combine
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    Free PDF Combine
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    2019-08-28 04:52:30
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As the name suggests, the Free PDF Combiner is software that lets users combine several such files into one large file. It is a very convenient tool that is simple in design and produces top quality files at all times. All it takes is ju st a few clicks and users can get the job done within no time. This app is ideal for any devices that run on Windows OS, notwithstanding the version. There is no need for any additional specifications for the same. Users have a number of options when it co mes to the actual combination and all of these are easy to manage. Be it professionals or novice users, the Free PDF Combiner is one of the better known products from amongst the lot. Apart from the text content, even images of various formats are supporte d by the software. Once it is downloaded, all that the users need to do is to specify the files that need converting. This can be done by adding them onto the software or even including a complete folder of such files. Apart from this, users can also use t he ?drag and drop? method. If certain files have a common name, all of them can be combined together quite effortlessly. In case t here are only certain pages in a specific file that need to be combined with another, the same can also be accomplished by men tioning the page numbers. The user interface of the Free PDF Combiner is very straight forward. All the options are available in the main menu itself. When the files have been selected, users can choose the destination folder according to their requirement s. This small sized app does not eat up the disk space. It is free from any malware or adware and hence, is safe to be downloaded