Free PDF Protector

As the name indicates, the Free PDF Protector allows users to protect such files from being copied, printed and edited. It is an extensive tool that has a number of options when it comes to accessing PDF files and is quite useful for ma ny professionals, especially authors, publishing houses, researchers, etc. The fact that it is simple to use and does not require any technical expertise is yet another feather in the cap. It takes just a few clicks for users to protect their documents fro m being copied and used elsewhere. Being a small sized tool, the Free PDF Protector does not need much disk space either. Any PC or laptop that runs on Windows OS is enough for the tool to get the job done. With a user friendly interface and clean layout, there are hardly any hitches which one might come across. As mentioned above, there are different levels of encryption to choose from in the Free PDF Protector. Once the software is downloaded and initiated, users need to select one from the list. There is one which allows the owner to add a password which restricts anyone from using the ?screen print? option as well. In the remote protection option, the owner will still have control over who is accessing the file and may set a time limit for the same; beyo nd which the file becomes unavailable. There is another option in which users can only view the PDF document in a particular website upon registration. The Free PDF Protector supports batch processing. This means that a number of files can be protected in one go and this saves a lot of time and effort for the user. There is no malware or adware during its installation process and it is absolutely saf