Free TIFF to PDF Converter

TIFF is a common format for graphic images. It is mostly used by top class cameras and is considered to be one of the best when it comes to quality. If the same needs to be converted to PDF without any change in the quality of the images, the Free TIFF to PDF should be considered. It is, as the name suggests, software that enables users to convert files from the former format to the latter file type. PDF is an industry standard format which is used widely for personal as well as profession al purposes. The tool ensures that the conversion process is smooth, easy and fast. The graphical user interface of the app is very straight forward and has a layou t which can be comprehended even by a first time user. It is freeware that does not cost a p enny and is extremely safe; thanks to the absence of any malware. The installation of the Free TIFF to PDF converter takes a few minutes time and can be done on any system that runs on Windows OS. It does not require any Adobe apps to be downloaded and hen ce, is a standalone program. Once the installation is accomplished and the software initiated, users need to drag and drop the TIFF files that need converting from the relevant folders. They can either add individual files or a complete folder to be conver ted at one go. Since the software supports batch conversion, it saves a lot of time and effort for the users. The resultant PDF files can be encrypted with passwords if there is a need for the same. The next step would be to specify the output folder. Ther e is a preview window on the Free TIFF to PDF converter which allows users to check the files before clicking on ?Convert?