Free PDF to EMF Converter

EMF is a vector image format which is quite popular amongst major graphic artists. In order to extract images from PDF and convert them to the former, the Free PDF to EMF converter is one of the better known solutions. Since it is importan t to preserve the original layout of the source in such conversions, this software ensures the same and gets users top class EMF images without any glitches. The fact that there is no need to install any Adobe apps in order to convert between the formats i s also quite impressive. It is a tool that is light weight and can be downloaded onto any device that runs on Windows OS, notwithstanding the version. The simple design and straight forward interface is apt for novice users who do not have any experience i n using such software. The Free PDF to EMF converter supports batch conversion as well. Users do not have to upload one file after the other. They can simply add all the PDF documents onto the software and convert them simultaneously. It is a tool that is known for its speed and efficiency. Once it is initiated, users can add files individually or select the whole folder, depending on their requirements. They can keep on adding files, removing some or remove all from the list with single clicks. The next st ep would be to select the page range. With the Free PDF to EMF converter, users can customize the image quality by modifying the resolution and color depth. When this is done, they need to select the output folder. The software even allows them to save the converted images in the same folder as the source. The ?convert? button needs to be clicked next and once the job is completed, users can open the output folder from the interface itself